Graduate Students

Graduate students are welcome at MEP House and at all MEP events/activities! We seek to facilitate success for all students and can help advocate for what you need. 

Events & Professional Development

MEP and our professional societies host a variety of events, activities, and workshops for Mines students throughout the academic year.  

Graduate Student Government

Graduate Student Government (GSG) is the governing body of and for graduate students at Colorado School of Mines. GSG addresses issues of concern to graduate students at Mines, and organizes various research, academic and social functions. All registered graduate students are automatically members of the GSG and are welcome to attend meetings and events. The GSG Council is comprised of representatives from each degree-granting department or division, and it meets monthly to guide GSG policies and activities. MEP has a GSG representative who serves as a voice for diverse graduate students at Mines. If you are interested in learning more about the GSG, please contact one of the GSG Council members or stop by our next meeting!


Support for Graduate School

Grad School Thriving is a resource tool for current and prospective students to thrive in Master’s and Doctoral studies. Information and resources include how to pick a grad school, what to know before going into grad school, how to find advocates, how to find community and a sense of belonging, how to ask for help, time and goal management strategies, funding resources, and preparing for a career.