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Andrea Salazar Morgan
Director of MEP

Office: 303.273.3021
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MEP Professional Society
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MEP Student Organization
Faculty Advisors




Faculty Advisor to AISES

Joseph "Joe" Crocker, PhD, P.E., S.E.

Teaching Professor in the Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering
Office: 303.273.3175
Email Joe
Office Location: Coolbaugh Hall, 318B


Faculty Advisor to NSBE

Gregory "Greg" Bogin, Jr.

Assistant Professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering
Office: 303.273.3655
Email Greg
Office Location: Brown Hall, 410F


Faculty Co-Advisor to oSTEM

Mary Elliott

Associate Director for Residence Life
Office: 303.869.5522
Email Mary


Faculty Co-Advisor to oSTEM

Jenny Nichols

Student Activities Office
Office: 303.273.3341
Email Jenny


Faculty Advisor to SASE

Holly Eklund

Teaching Associate Professor Department of Applied Mathematics and Statistics
Office: 303.384.2469
Email Holly
Office Location: Stratton Hall #210 


Faculty Advisor to SHPE

Andres Guerra, PhD, P.E.

Teaching Associate Professor
Office: 303.273.3434
Email Andres
Office Location: 1710 Illinois Street, Golden, CO 80401

Falculty Advisor to SWE

Agata Dean, M.S, AMS.

Adjunct Instructor for CASA
Office: 303.273.3407 
Email Agata
Office Location:
1710 Illinois Street, Golden, CO 80401




Other Contacts of Interest:


Women in Science, Engineering and
Mathematics (WISEM) Program


Annette Pilkington
Director for Women in Science, Engineering & Mathematics (WISEM)

Office: 303.273.3498
Email Annette
Office Location:
1710 Illinois Street, Golden, CO 80401




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